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REIMAGINING MEDICINE – Prescription digital therapeutics powered by personalized nutrition. PUSHING THE BORDERS – Breakthrough therapeutics at the intersection of software and biotechnology... Many of today’s health challenges are driven by our lifestyle. Yet science has failed to figure out what really makes us sick and what really keeps us healthy. With modern DNA sequencing, sensors and advanced software technology, we uncover the secrets to your body. We translate our analyses into digital therapeutics. Interventions, that are so precise that you won’t even feel the “intervention”. Therapeutics that solely induce modest adaptations to your lifestyle. Precise, effective and without harming side effects. NUTRILYTICS, PERSONALIZED NUTRITION – We gathered more than five million data points to develop Nutrilytics™– our patent-pending technology. Thousands of glucose curves were analyzed and annotated. Millions of gut microbiome data points were sequenced. And hundreds of thousands of nutrition, activity, sleep and medical data was mined to develop the leading personalized nutrition intervention. MASTERING METABOLISM – The human glucose metabolism is at the heart of our wellbeing. Our muscles, cardiovascular system and our brain work best on glucose. Astonishing performance has been made possible with the immediate availability of glucose. But the human glucose metabolism is also the root cause for major diseases that develop under distorted energy households, hormonal and enzymatic processes. With Nutrilytics™, we developed a technology for digital therapeutics with stable-glycemic diet at their core. In our Perfood Data Lab, we apply data-driven scientific rigor to discover advance precision medicine. BEYOND GLUCOSE – Nutrilytics™goes beyond beyond glucose metabolism. We add latest science and findings from our rich dataset to taylor our products specifically to each target disease and deliver precise as well as effective therapies.

Perfood GmbH

Perfood GmbH


PUSHING THE BORDERS – Breakthrough digital therapeutics at the intersection of software and biotechnology.